All Saints' Anglican Church
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WELCOME to All Saints' Anglican Church - Chicagoland Web Site

We are a welcoming church, joyfully sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you're visiting this web site for the first time, we extend a special welcome to you, and we encourage you to feel at home, and be part of this great family of God.

All Saints' Anglican Church Chicagoland, USA

Photo of Narthex We are Christ centered, loving and caring church. All Saints' Anglican Church Chicagoland is part of the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America. All Saints' Anglican Church welcomes all people, all nationalities and races, who desire Christ and salvation through Him. The Church upholds and promotes the rich heritage and doctrine of Anglicanism, that is, the 39 Articles of Religion in the Book of Common Prayer, along with the tradition of the apostolic Church. We incorporate all these into our liturgy to make our worship relevant to our community and present generation of people in the Church and those outside as well, that they may desire to come in pretty soon.

We vary our Sunday worship services with various liturgies to meet the spiritual desire and taste of people of different cultural and stylish disposition to Christian worship, whether traditional or orthodox, or the new generation (Pentecostal) mode of worship.

We provide special program for the children for their worship and Bible study. They come together into a special group, ASK- All Saints' Kiddies where they have lots of fun to develop their religious life in Christianity.

Sunday services are held at the Chapel of Marian Catholic High School · 700 Ashland Avenue · Chicago Heights, IL 60411
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